Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Of Crashes & Delays

Nearly 5 months since I have posted anything new here, I had not realized that so much time has passed. Most of that was spent working on Wacky Packages & Mars Attacks cards for Topps. As I got ready to begin working on Halloween art and backed up commissions again, My trusty Mac bit the dust. Thankfully I had uploaded all my files to a cloudy place, so none of my work was lost. I am in the process of downloading all couple hundred gigs of files so I can be working at full capacity again. The 1st limited edition which will be ready as soon as I can get my Lantern templates back is ... "The Menacing Moon" This is a cardboard Lantern limited to 10 copies. I will include a preview shot of the non lantern side of the piece.
I will be Attending Ghoultide Gathering this year in Chelsea, MI on October 5th & 6th and am beginning to get some work done for that show. I expect to have paintings, sculpture and limited hand made Lanterns and die cuts with me. More on that as it gets closer. I did 6 paintings for the New Wacky Packages sticker set due in stores this July, and will post some images as soon as I get the OK from Topps to do so. I also worked on a number of sketch cards for that series, as well as sketch cards for the upcoming Mars Attacks Heritage series also due out in July. Sketch cards I did will also appear in the Cereal Killers series 2 by Wax-eye set due out this summer. Finally, I have gotten another postcard sized painting done and listed on ebay titled "Tug Of War"