Sunday, December 20, 2009

6 Down, 2 to go

These little & obscure Luhrs die cuts are some of my all time favorites. They certainly aren't the most attractive set Beistle put out, but something about their small size, unusual imagery & difficulty in finding them makes them a bit magical in my eyes.

These were available in the Beistle Bee-Line 1954 catalog, and I would imagine not many other years which would account for how hard to find they are. I haven't seen enough other catalog years to know for sure. They range from about 5" to 6" tall.

I got these 6 from the same source in Seattle, WA, and they each have a stamp on the back which says "MR.TILNER". Names on things bother some collectors, but I love knowing who had them at one time & the possibility of being able to find out just where they came from. This was one of those rare cases!

I assumed because the stamp said "MR." it was most likely a teacher, so I did some searching and it seems these would have belonged to Seattle School District's Jack Tilner, a teacher & Librarian during the time these die cuts were made. I like these little die cuts that much more knowing these were most likely hung up in a school classroom or library for all of the students to see.

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