Monday, March 8, 2010

New Art Bits

This is the prototype for my large jointed veggie-Cat. It's about 15" x 20", and has 5 points of movement. I thought the legs were to wonky, so I am redoing them before I go ahead with officially releasing the design. This prototype is on ebay this week, along with...

The Newest 4"x6" postcard painting. This is similar to the 4 Veggie People portrait paintings I did with this sort of border over the last year.

I started doing some sketch cards for "Spookshow Funnies" a week ago, here is what 4 of them looked like.

Finally, some of my sketch cards from the new Wacky Packages postcard sets are hitting ebay from various sellers, and they are selling for way more than I ever thought! All the sketch cards are doing well, I guess only having 50 by each artist isn't nearly enough.

ebay #200447504942 has the Klepto hand "Shawl Grab" it ends in an hour and is at $156, last night ebay #130372833860, the Klepto "Umbrella Grab" ended with a BIN of $125

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