Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After 5 and a half years of togetherness & 1 year of home ownership, Kathy & I are engaged. Hooray! Thanks for saying yes.... :-)

Here we are dressed as Beef & Broccoli for this last Mardi Gras

I have been really backed up with getting things done these last couple weeks with all that has been going on, but I did just get a Halloween postcard sized painting done & listed on ebay called "Halitosis"


  1. Wonderful! Very aptly named.
    Love your work! :0)

  2. Hooray! I hope you wear those exact outfits for the wedding. I'll dress as a ham.

  3. Great scene from a great movie!!!

  4. Shiverbones, I am mostly a new follower to your blog and was scanning over old posts and saw this. You guys are from NOLA? If so, HORRAY! I am too!