Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shiverbones updates

I have just completed a secret project that I can't talk about yet, but in a few months I will be able to share the news. This was a massive undertaking and while I am very proud of the end result, it did occupy almost all of my time these last 3 months. In an effort to reorganize and better communicate with everyone, I will be updating this blog weekly again. The recent surge in demand for my postcards has led to longer wait times as I get all the sketching, embossing, packing & mailing done. I will keep this  blog updated with status orders so you can have a better idea when to expect your postcards.

The last 3 postcards I have released have all been experiments. The paper I used to make them in the past was discontinued, and that left me in a bind. I am still working on getting the "perfect" paper stock back in use, but i have resolved all of the issues with recent off centering and uneven edge cuts.

Starting with my March offering below, you can expect to see an improvement in the cards. Also beginning with March's card, the backs will state if the card was sketched or embossed to help clear up any future questions about the original state I mailed the card in.

March's card is "Emergence", and features some grizzled bats leaving their cave for Halloween night. I always thought bats were under used on Halloween postcards and am happy to release this one.

This is offered in 2 varieties: Regular and Embossed & gilded. I am taking a break from sketching on this round as I continue to catch up on the last few months of orders. Visit my big cartel site to place an order.

Thanks for looking & enjoy the slowly warming weather.

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