Monday, May 19, 2014

Updates in Halloweenland

The Monthly postcard for May is going to be a couple weeks out yet and will count as May & June. I am still catching up on a few past postcard orders and I don't want to rush things or cause any further delays.

A longtime friend of mine has listed a few of my out of print pieces from his collection on ebay. These end tomorrow, the 20th of May. The Two stand outs for me are the living Bogie, of which only 15 were made, and Postcard #4 from 2001 which had 100 copies printed and almost never comes up for sale. You can see his listings here sigmasix

Now for the big news....

Mark B Ledenbach has released the third Edition of his essential Vintage Halloween Collectibles, which was laid out by, and contains illustrations by yours truly. We worked very closely for three months on updating every page so the information flows better than the 2nd edition, as well as added hundreds of new images adding 50 pages to the previous edition. This culminated in a weekend of all-nighters when he flew out to my house and we went over the layout together. I am proud to be involved in such a massive reworking of the book, and I am really thrilled with the results.

Besides interior illustrations, I also created a postcard exclusive for the book which is limited to the Hardcover copies. 100 numbered Copies of the hardcover were printed and signed by Mark, and each will have a matched number limited edition signed postcard.

This is the image for the card, Which shows the two of us working during one of our marathon days of editing and arranging. The Wording is only on this image, not the postcard itself.

Copies of the book can be ordered through Mark's Website found here.

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  1. this is awesome!!!
    i've been friends with mark over the internet for the past few years and i jumped on being one of the first in line to pay for the new hard bound book!
    your shiverbones art is awesome and i hope to start collecting it soon especially if i can find any of the old stuff you did.
    i'm currently working on a halloween graphic novel and i'll have to send you some sketches some time to check out if you are interested.