Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The 4 things I wanted to be when I grew up

I have been thinking about this lately, maybe because I am still waiting to feel like I have grown up. In no order of importance, here they are:

Oceanographer - I was mesmerized by the sea, loved to draw Moray eels and repeatedly checked out books from the library about Jellyfish attacks. I recently was so drawn to the "Deep Blue" while in the Gulf of Mexico, I nearly walked straight into the murky depths. I did see some jumping Manta Ray fellas, which was wonderful. I may not be done with this one...the siren song of the deep blue calls.

Entymologist: I walked around with a net hoping to catch dragonflies, tried to feed ants to the ant lions (though the funnels were usually empty, once I actually saw an ant lion! I almost popped!) and repeatedly checked books out of the library about insect attacks. Now I try to avoid insects, but sometimes I still watch them mill about doing their thing.

Adam Ant: Who wouldn't have wanted to be Adam! Maybe not the Prince Charming phase so much though. I came close to this one, I was briefly in an Adam ant cover band in my 20's. We were all to dress up like different versions of Adam. We only practiced 2 times but man I really had Press Darlings down.

Artist: Being sent to my room was a daily punishment for me, the reasons were interchangeable. I spent a lot of time drawing monsters, especially Godzilla being attacked by planes. In third grade I made my 1st book "Guinea Pigs All Around" It's terrible. I drew a film strip about wasps (See above) for the E.P.I.C. program in 4th grade, but was chided when I drew 7 or 8 frames in a row showing the effects of bee stings on different parts of the body. Not much has changed.

One out of 4 isn't so bad, maybe one day the Deep Blue will make it an even 50%.




  2. 2 KEWL about the Adam Ant cover band! Would like to see pics! '-)

    SpOOky CK (-: