Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Halloween pieces this week

This week I finished my newest postcard, this is vintage sized 3.5" x 5.5" and comes as a flat card (30 copies) or embossed & gilded (15 copies). I love the sub-genre of Antique Halloween cards that feature voyeuristic creeps looking in windows as well as cards that feature children peering out windows and seeing terrible sights. This was my entry into that category. I also decided it was time to put some rhyming verse on the front.

I also finished my first set of 3 mini die cuts. I have been wanting to make a line that are more affordable, so I came up with smaller portraits that are non-embossed. This was a tricky balance for me, I tend to overwork things & really wanted to do some designs in a more simple "Luhrs"-ish style. For me, the more realistic or polished a piece is, the less life and charm it has. The struggle to keep things a bit crude & charming rather than realistically rendered led to many false attempts & sketches before I found a balance I liked. These measure between 5" & 6" each, and I hope to have 30 different characters done in the whole set as time goes by.